viernes, 28 de septiembre de 2012

Brother Sparrow, come tomorrow to my window

What is wrong at the end of the day
What is really wrong no one dares to say
You know you're wrong when there's only one right
but what is wrong when right is out of sight

Right rode away long ago
Before rescuing wrong from below
I might be mistaken, I know 
but hey we need to be somewhat

Foolish, feebleminded, 
wrong and senseless
Right rode off long ago, 
there's nothing more you need to know,
there's nothing more you need to show,
Let us disagree 
cause wrong was made, for you to be

What is false when we can't hear no more
And there is nothing to cover for
What is wrong in this old wasted game
May right and wrong be one and the same

Avenue, Agnes Obel

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